ProTec Sardinia ASD
Via Collodi 9
08020 Cala Gonone (NU) Sardegna, Italy

+39 3351680168


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ProTec Advanced Training Facility is dedicated to knowledgeable and safety-conscious instructor education. We believe that this is the key to flexible, professional and relaxed training. Instructors, who bring comprehensive and structured thinking as well as knowledge to their students, will foster understanding and awareness of the underwater environment and make great divers. 

The following instructor programs from IANTD can be done at Protec Sardinia:

Open Water:

Open Water Instructor
Nitrox Instructor
Advanced Nitrox Instructor
Technical Instructor
Trimix Instructor
Wreck Instructor
Technical Wreck Instructor


Cavern Instructor
Intro to Cave Instructor
Cave Instructor
Technical Cave Instructor
DPV Cave Instructor
Sidemount Cave Instructor
Survey & Cartography Instructor
Stage & Multiple Stage Instructor

Protec Sardinia teaches worldwide according to requests. We organize special courses in Mexico regularly.

We know that the individual person has a different schedule and therefore try to offer an individual training program directly to the needs of the student.
Contact us for details.