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Grotta Cala Luna

Right next to one of the most beautiful beaches in the “Golfo di Orosei.” Barely visible from the boat, a large sun lit chamber leads into a narrow gap. Hundreds of fossilized shells adorn the walls. The canyon narrows and continues into the cave to a depth of 14 meters. The width of the rock crevice is not much wider than a diver, but open all the way to the surface. Close to the daylight limit, the cavern opens into a larger room. The passage leads deeper into the mountain, but is only accessible to certified cave divers.

Max. Depth:

14 Meters

Max. Penetration:

60 Meters

Max. Members:

4 Divers

Cavern Line?

None present

Necessary Equipment:

Scuba unit
Primary and back up torch
Nitrox recommended


Open Water Diver Certification

Duration of Boat Ride:

20 Minutes