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Full Trimix

Are you interested in deep wrecks and caves?

Trimix reduces the problem of nitrogen narcosis and oxygen toxicity. Mixed gas diving places the highest demands on divers and their psychical and theoretical abilities. We will teach you to safely use helium blends.

Student Pre-requisites

18 Years old
IANTD Technical, Technical Cave, Technical Wreck, Normoxic Trimix or equivalent
200 logged dives, 25 deeper than 39m / 140ft

Course Layout:

Exercises on land
Confined and open water dives
Dives with 3 different gases
Final Exam


4 Days minimum
8 Hours theory
4 Dives
1 Training dive in shallow water


Maximum depth 91 m / (300) ft
Decompression stops must be performed with 80% or 100% oxygen
Maximum oxygen partial pressure of 1.4 ATA at depth
Maximum PO2 1.6 ATA for decompression
All dives are kept within the limits of the IANTD Oxygen CNS% Clock and OTU’s
The Equivalent Narcosis Depth (END) shall not exceed 39 m / 130ft
4 Students per instructor

Necessary Equipment:

Twin tanks with manifold and isolator valve
3+ Independent regulators with first and second stages
1 With long hose (2m/7ft.) and LPI
1 With short hose (~55cm/22 in.) and SPG
1 Per stage/deco tanks with meter hose and O2 SPG
1 Stage decompression tank for 80% or 100%, clearly marked and labeled
1+ Nitrox Stage Tanks with at least 1,400 free litres / 50 cf.
Stage tanks with at least 1,400 free letters/ 50 cf. and independent regulators
2 wing units, or 1 wing and 1 drysuit
response to loss of bladder
A lift bag with at least 22.5 kg / (50 lb) buoyancy
Mask and fins
2 Line cutters
1 Primary reel with 120m of line
Dive computer, or stopwatch and depth gauge
Writing board, or wet notes
Waterproof diving table, or second dive computer
3 Directional arrows