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Basic Wreck

This course is for all certified divers who are interested in navigating in and around wrecks.

You will learn how to handle reels and lines, new equipment configurations for diving in overhead environments, and various safety standards.

Student Pre-requisites

18 Years old (12 With parental signature and Advanced Junior Diver certification)
IANTD Advanced Open Water Diver or equivalent
10 Logged dives

Student Pre-requisites:

Land Drills
Confined and Open Water Training
Wreck Dives
Final Exam


Minimum 3 days
4 Hours theory
4 Dives
1 Training dive in shallow water


Dives in the daylight area
60 m / (200 ft) maximum penetration
Maximum depth 39 m / (130 ft)
No restrictions
No decompression
Rule of Thirds with one tank
Rule of Sixths with two tanks
4 students per instructor

Necessary Equipment:

Twin Tanks with a manifold and isolator valve
2 Independent regulators, both with first and second stages
1 With long hose (2m/7ft.) and an LPI
1 With short hose (~55 cm/22 in.) and SPG
Buoyancy compensator (Wing & Back Plate)
Mask and fins, no snorkel
Line cutter
1 Safety reel with a minimum of 30m of line
1 Primary reel with a minimum of 120m of line
1 Primary light
2 Backup lights
Dive computer, or timer and depth gauge
Writing board or wet notes
Waterproof diving table or backup dive computer