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Cave Diver

The Cave Diving Course is by far the biggest challenge, but for many divers it is just the beginning in a series of programs that range from diving with stage tanks and rebreathers to dpvs and cartography. It certainly isn’t easy, but if you have the right attitude, it is a great experience.

You will be trained and qualified to safely explore the cave environment.

Student Pre-requisites

18 Years old
IANTD Intro to Cave certification or equivalent
50 Logged dives

Course Layout:

Land Drills
Confined and Open Water Training
Cave Dives: Performed under various conditions such as zero visibility
Final Exam


4 Days minimum
– Cavern to Cave – 10 days minimum
– Intro to Cave – 6 days minimum
8 Hours theory
8 Cave dives
– Cavern to Cave – 16 dives
– Intro to Cave – 12 dives
1 Training dive in shallow water


39m/130 ft. Max depth
Rule of Thirds with two tanks
3 Students per instructor

Necessary Equipment:

Twin Tanks with a manifold and isolator valve
2 Independent regulators, both with first and second stages
1 With long hose (2m/7ft.) and an LPI
1 With short hose (~55 cm/22 in.) and SPG
Buoyancy compensator (Wing & Back Plate)
Mask and fins, no snorkel
Line cutter
1 Safety reel with a minimum of 30m of line
1 Primary reel with a minimum of 120m of line
2-3 Gap reels with a minimum of 15m of line
1 Primary light
2 Backup lights
Dive computer, or timer and depth gauge
Writing board or wet notes
Waterproof diving table or backup dive computer
3 Directional arrows
6 Non-directional markers (cookies)