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„Vanilla Sky Project“
Cave Exploration Mexiko

Frog Kick Diving Film

``Vanilla Sky Project``
Cave Exploration 2018 ``New Episodes``

Frog Kick Diving Film

``Vanilla Sky Project``
Cave Exploration 2019 ``New Episodes``

Frog Kick Diving Film

Slawek Packo Film

The „Vanilla Sky Project“ was born 2013 an idea that Thorsten „Toddy“ Wälde had in his mind since many years. With the close cooperation with his friend Robbie Schmittner (Xibalba Diving Center) he starts the first project in 2013 to make exploration real for cave divers they never done it so far. They trained the divers in survey&cartography, how to explore new cenotes, what equipment is needed for exploration and from that day on the team was getting stronger and stronger over the years and more or less around 40km of caves are already explored from the Vanilla Sky Team and many amazing and important finds where discovered like for example „Yab-Yum“ an incredible sinkhole which you will see in the here in the videos.

Exploration, as it happens. Shot 100% on the HERO4® and HERO5® cameras Lighting by BigBlue dive lights.

Thank you to the Instituto Nacional de Anthropología e Historia (INAH) for the kind support in the creation and presentation of this project. INAH Researcher – Guillermo de Anda, Ph.D, Dante Garcia, The Quintana Roo Speleological Survey, Dive Rite, Big Blue Dive Lights, Xibalba Dive Center, TS-Sidemount System, Protec Sardinia, Frog Kick Diving, Scurion lights, T-Reb eCCR Rebreather (Other Gravity), Seacraft Scooters

Special thanks to the Vanilla Sky Project team: Robbie Schmittner, Thorsten „Toddy“ Wälde, Claudia Decandia, Florian Weber, Maarten van Baal, Maarten van Oyk, Stefan Gut, Manfred Reise, Slawek Packo, Anna Rapp, Bernhard Pleimer, Jean Klingenhagen, Thomas Lohs, Stefan Bucher, Beate Dycstra, Axel Mahler and Swen Bormann